Office of the Historian, rehabilitation of heritage and social work

The Office of the Historian of the City, as the local authority managing heritage and the coordinating organization of the comprehensive rehabilitation program for the territory by the political will of the State, leads successfully the recovery and rehabilitation of heritage and, at the same time, it carries out intense social work for the benefit of the local population. This tour will let you have a unique approach to the management model based on self-financing and to the principles supporting the responsible development of tourism in the territory, get to know centers and institutions related to social assistance and visit the local school of trades.

Duration: max. 3 hours | Days: Tuesdays to Fridays | Hours: On Request, starting at 10:00 AM

- Pick up transfer
- Visit to the Convent of Our Lady of Bethlehem
- Walking Tour through social centers of the Historic Center (Protected houses, Workshop School, Rehabilitation Center for children with motor disabilities Senén Casas Regueiro)
- Visit to the Old Havana Mock-up